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Six Exercise Techniques For A Summer Body

Wednesday 02nd August 2017

Summer is here, if you’re planning on jetting off to warmer climates, it will soon be time to head to the beach! Follow our guide to achieving full body confidence this Summer.

Summer is here (seriously, where has this year gone?) – Even if the unpredictable British weather says otherwise, summer means less clothing and showing off that bod, especially if we’re lucky, jetting off on a summer holiday!

summer bodyNow let me start by saying that, whatever you decide to wear on the beach this summer – you will look fierce. You will own your beach bod like a god/goddess, no matter what shape it is. Be proud of your body – you only have one!

But if you are acutely conscious of your body and you’re not too keen on adding it to your luggage allowance –the time may have come to snap back into action. Healthy is happy, are we right?

The key to keeping active and healthy isn’t some miracle cure – it’s not powders and pills and cutting out ingredients you’ve been happily eating for thirty years – it’s that boring old cliché, diet and exercise. Less fat, less sugar, more movement – and it really is as simple as that!

So here are six effective exercise techniques as shown by Personal Trainers Dan and Connor from Xercise 4 Less. Enjoy.

How To Achieve Your Summer Body

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