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Deli Twist

Deli Twist
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As students, the two founders of Deli Twist, used to hunt healthy affordable meal deals; food they could just grab and eat while they were having a short break or while returning to reading. When they first tried at a local bakery the Kurtos Kalacs or the amazing Turkish pretzels, Mediterranean tastes and traditional Romanian flavours captured in the simple yet savoury pastry, they fatally felt in love with the twisted world of pretzels. On top of it, the food was hand-made and freshly baked at an incredible affordable price. Having delicious pretzels with yogurt or coffee seemed to be the perfect deal for them and a great meal option. As years have passed, talking to other people about studentship, a word seemed to be on everyone’s lips: pretzels!! That twisted pastry melting mysteriously in your mouth, living behind a full taste and satiety.

This is how Deli Twist was born some years later : for taste, for amazing food experience, for the memory of incredible times, for moments of friendship and young daring vitality. Many hours, actually days and months were spent developing each recipe, mingling tastes, tradition, baking times, fillings, secret spices and well known flavours; tasting and improving until excellency.

They are using only fresh products and natural spices to perfect each recipe and they are constantly improving, they are constantly inventing new recipes for the joy of their clients. What you will find now in their shop is freshly baked creativity and tradition, healthy diets at affordable prices and great love for amazing deli food.

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