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The Harvey Centre Christmas Event

Friday 11th November 2016

Harvey’s White Christmas Wonderland 


The Snow Globe

This spellbinding human Snow Globe glides gracefully through crowds enchanting all ages. A beautiful, ethereal Snow Queen sits regally inside, encased in her snow blizzard, smiling and greeting her admirers. Press the big red button outside the globe and wait for the surprise!

The Ice Queen 

ice queen

Step into a realm of magic and beauty. Using translucent spheres, this charismatic Ice Queen will put on a spectacular juggling show unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Live Ice Sculpting 


An incredible ice sculpting team will be showing off their skills in a live performance and if you are one of the lucky ones then maybe they will pick you to get involved! 

Snowball Sprites

snowball sprites

There will be two sparkling giant Snowball Sprites on wheels, whizzing speedily round and round in a flurry of excitement as the first snow falls for Winter. Be careful around those mischievous sprites, they love playing little pranks.

Christmas Fairy 

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a fairy. Come and bring the family to meet our Christmas fairy and show the children how a real fairy should behave.

Snow Fairy Stilt Walkers

Snow fairies will be towering above you and your loved ones handing out special treats to people who are full of Christmas spirit.

There’s so much to do at The Harvey Centre on the 19th November, bring the whole family and revel in the Christmassy atmosphere, and maybe, sneak off to buy some presents!



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