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Mother’s Day Messages

Thursday 08th March 2018

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we wanted to hear from you! We asked you to send in a lovely message as to why you love your mum. We got a fabulous amount of great messages from you all and want to showcase some of the best ones here. We hope you enjoy them and have a lovely Mother’s Day!


“My mum is my rock, she deserves a whole island. She puts everyone first, always has. She is so kind, thoughtful, loving & caring. She is my Wonder Woman.”


“Because she is a one in a million, she is always there for me when i need her. Very hands on with my son, who she has a very special bond with. Always checks on me, looks after me when i’m sick, even though i’m a fully grown adult.”


“She is and incredible woman, someone who is always there for me and my 4 children and is my best friend.”


“My mum is amazingly resilient. My dad became ill when we were all young (five of us, too!) and my mum gave up everything, and sacrificed so much to care for us all, and make sure that we had everything we wanted. Now, dad is back on his feet, and mum gives her time to a special needs school to care for the people who need it most, and the rest of her time is devoted to her two grandchildren, whom she loves with all her heart.”


“She’s the strongest woman I’ve ever known. She’s helped pull me through post natal depression and PTSD and is always there no matter what.”


“At 87, my mum still puts others first, taking ‘old folk’ to hospital appointments and helping out with shopping. She still finds time for her 8 children and 16 grandchildren. I think she’s amazing!”


“She’s the patience of a saint and always finds a way to make us laugh at ourselves x”


“My mum is my inspiration. She works hard and has become the main source of income since my dad fell ill and was unable to work anymore. No matter what, everyone else comes first! She’s a fantastic grandmother to my children and they adore her as do all 3 of her children. There is nothing else I can say as words cannot express how wonderful this lady truly is x”


“She has been extremely supportive of me through my severe anxiety and depression, as well as always being willing to help and look after my Son if I need it. I am a single mum and have really struggled to learn how to be a Mum and how to cope, and she has been my rock. She inspires me every day.”


My mum is an absolute superstar and she’s always turning my frown upside down even when she’s in pain needing a hip replacement. She’s my mum, best friend and my rock all rolled into one!


“My mother in-law is the best mum and Nanny to my children she is always there for us and has helped us a lot over the years she deserves the best mother’s day to say thank you for all she does”


“From the age of five my mum’s brought me and my two sisters up all on her own due to my dad passing away in a motorcycle accident. She’s spent every single minute of her life bringing us up to be the young adults we are today and not once has she had time off for herself to relax and be waited on like she so deserves. She has a heart of gold and is forever helping people out before herself. She’s not only my mum but my best friend.”


“To the world she’s just a mum, but to me she is the world. She’s 70 this year and celebrating her golden wedding anniversary on 9th March with my dad. I’m a very proud daughter.”


“What can I say! My mum has always been by my side no matter what. I have said thank you a million times but somehow it’s never enough. I love her to the moon and back xx”




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