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Pat & Alex’s Valentines Day Advice

Tuesday 06th February 2018

Valentines Day is a special time for couples. It’s a time to show your appreciation for your loved one and celebrate the relationship.

Last year we created a competition to celebrate Harlow’s longest relationships and selected the fabulous Pat (84 years old) and Alex (85 years old) who have been together for over 60 years! We caught up with our competition winners one year on to see how they were getting on.

Pat & Alex’s History

Pat and Alex met at school in London when she was 12 years old and he was 13. They left school at the age of 14 where they went off to college, before Alex joined the army. 6 years passed had passed when they reunited once more in hospital. Pat had her appendix out and Alex was visiting his mother in the same hospital – and more incredibly in the next bed! The encounter was made more sweet when Pat received the box of chocolates that were supposed to be given to his mother. From then they were inseparable!

Pat and Alex’s first date was going to the pictures in Lyon’s Corner in the west end of London. The date went incredibly well and Alex, being the gentleman that he is, escorted Pam back to her house at the end of the night. A couple days later, Alex turned up on Pam’s doorstep for another date and since then they have been inseparable! The couple got married when Pat was 19 and was blessed with their first child a year later.

Traditional First Dates

When asked what the popular traditional first dates were in their day, Pam expressed a great fondness towards the pictures and going to dances as they used to learn these classes in school. She said this was a great way of connecting with people as they both had something in common and could connect on a deeper level.

Online Dating

We asked Pat what her opinions were on online dating with the younger generation. She felt the internet could potentially be a dangerous place for meeting individuals. She also mentioned that for anyone choosing to do this, just to be weary and make sure the individual knows exactly who they are talking to. She also expressed an importance of meeting somewhere more public if you choose to

With regards to meeting people, she said a great way would be to join a club or activity, such as a dancing class. Being around like-minded people in these places could potentially spark a blossoming relationship.

She did praise speed dating and said that the whole concept was a much more effective way of meeting someone. That way you can see what they were like face to face and could judge their character quite well.

Dating Tips

We asked Pat what the key to a meeting someone is and some tips on what to do on a first date. Her fabulous response was “Don’t jump into bed too quickly!”.

She was discussing how she is a firm believer of getting to know the person. The strongest way to build a successful relationship is to build a friendship foundation and work from there. She was discussing how a relationship is not only being lovers but being best friends – especially getting older the friendship becomes ever more important!

Pat and Alex are a testament to a strong, happy relationship. We wish them all the best in the future and wish them a fantastic Valentines Day!


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