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The Harvey Centre Coffee Club – Meet the guests!

We’ve been hosting the Rainbow Services FREE coffee club, here at the Harvey Centre, since June 2019, so we thought it was about time we caught up with some of the regulars to find out why they come. Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to some of our new friends and perhaps inspire you to come along and join the fun!

The coffee club runs every Thursday morning between 10am and 2pm on the first floor, next to the Management Suite here at The Harvey Centre.

Jenny Pankhurst

Do you live in Harlow? 

Yes, I do!

How often do you visit the Centre?

I come most weeks as I set up the Coffee Club with a few of the other ladies that are here today. We have a total of 19 clubs in town, and this is just one of them. When we first started the club, one of the women and I took it in turns to go downstairs to raise awareness and bring people upstairs to the coffee club. 

For people who aren’t aware, why should people come to the coffee club?

It combats loneliness and social isolation, which is what our project is all about. We want to get people talking and networking, and many people have made friends from the experience. Some of the ladies aren’t necessarily a club member, however they come every week. We work with communities to set up weekly social clubs around the town, and each club meets for 2 hours where we get to meet new people, make new friends, play games and enjoy refreshments.

How do you think we could improve our Coffee Club?

At the moment we could actually do with making it a bit bigger! We get really busy, so this would really help. Some of the ladies and gentlemen who come have also asked if we could do some kind of activity such as crafts too. When Raised Roof were here, some of them did help to make puppets, and on the first week we had a lady join, who helped us make little badges out of felt. 

What is special about the club?

It’s just a great place for anyone and everyone to come along too. Everyone who comes along haves made so many friends through this, and it’s great to see. We run many different Rainbow events and the aim is for all of them to have a tea and chat, have some company as well as organising some day trips too!

What are your plans for Christmas?

I’m going to spend it with my family as we think it could be my dad’s last one. I have three sisters, so we will travel to Hitchin to visit our other family.  


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